University Technical Diplomas, Bachelor and Master 2 degrees

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Find out how to apply and be admitted to the second year of a University Technical Diploma (BUT), general or vocational Bachelor, or a Master 2 programme.

Photo : Students on the Peixotto campus © CPU
Students on the Peixotto campus © CPU

How to apply

This concerns you if:

You are already registered at the University of Bordeaux and you want to apply for a vocational Bachelor and Master 2 (law).

You are not registered at the University of Bordeaux and you want to apply for the 2nd and 3rd year of a Bachelor and BUT, a vocational Bachelor, Master 2.

Visit the Apoflux portal (in French)

For courses at the University Institute of Technology (IUT): visit the CANDIUT portal (in French)

This does NOT concern you if: 

  • You are already a student at the University of Bordeaux and continuing in the same field and degree programme.
  • You live abroad in a country covered by the Study in France procedure.
  • You are in a preparatory class and want to pursue a Bachelor within the framework of the agreement between your lycée (secondary school) and the University of Bordeaux.

Application steps

  • Submission of your application and supporting documents (please note deadlines set for each programme),
  • Review of your application by the educational teams,
  • Follow-up of your application and response from the admission committees.

Supporting documents

Diplomas, certificates, transcripts allowing the admission committee to assess the type and level of your previous studies.

Depending on the programme, you may also be asked to submit the following documents:

  • Letter of motivation presenting your professional objective(s),
  • Curriculum vitae,
  • All certificates allowing the committee to identify the relevance/suitability of the courses already taken with the programme you are applying for,
  • Letter(s) of recommendation from supervisors/coordinators of any previous programmes, training courses and/or internships done by the applicant.

How to register

You've been admitted to the University of Bordeaux. Now you need to register.

Administrative registration

Step 1: Student and Campus Life Contribution (CVEC)

All first-time students accepted for study in a higher education institution must obtain a CVEC receipt of payment (for the Student and Campus Life Contribution) or proof of exemption (scholarship students) before registering in their relevant institution.

To receive proof of payment

  • Log in or create an account on the dedicated website (in French)
  • Indicate the city of study
  • Pay your CVEC
  • Get the receipt number to be provided when you register.

Step 2: fill in your registration form

You are registering at the University of Bordeaux for the first time:

  • Log in to the IAWEB Primo (in French) registration portal

You are re-registering at the University of Bordeaux (different programme):

  • Log in to the IAWEB Réins (in French) registration portal

You've been admitted to the main list in the first year of a Master degree:

  • You must register within the set timeframe (in French). After the designated date, you will lose the benefit of your place on the list, which will be offered to a student placed on the reserve list.

Step 3: payment of tuition fees

Payment is made online with a credit card in one or three instalments.

Step 4: submit your supporting documents

  • Go to the PJWEB (in French) application

Please note permission to image rights and access to personal data (in French) is requested: permission must be granted for an Aquipass card.

The card will be valid for the duration of your studies at the university.

Step 5: activate your digital ID

If you are registering for the first time at the University of Bordeaux, you need to activate your digital ID (IDNUM) to log into the university's digital services. 

Step 6: student ID and certificate of enrolment

Once your administrative registration has been validated, your administrative documents will be available on your digital work environment. To get your student ID card, refer to the instructions given for each training course or degree programme.

Academic registration

Step 7: your academic registration

As soon as you are registered administratively as a student at the University of Bordeaux, you need to proceed with your academic registration: choose your options, register in tutorials or practical/lab work, etc.

Please refer to the instructions given to you for each programme or course.

Grandes Écoles Prepatory Classes

Have you been admitted to Grande École prepatory classes (CPGE)? If so, you need to register in one of the university's Bachelor programmes.

Learn more

Instructions for each programme